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  1. Thinking of a Cosplay name

    I’m thinking how do people get their cos names.

    I was thinking of using at least my own name..

    but at the same time I wanna fake name. 


  2. 'Cling Cling' by Perfume

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  3. Monster Hunter 4 Zinogre S Gunner Armor 

    Debut @ AX 2014 

    Costume by me Weapon by my bf

    Photographed by Pixuresque Moda

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  4. Went as Zinogre armor gunner S for Anime Expo 2014. First time armor and my bf made the bow. :) My friend Grace went as Naruga. We both had stressful con days but we made it for the last day. It was a short amount of time we were able to show everybody but I got to meet my friends and they were really happy with our cosplay. I’ll be remaking some parts and making it better for the next con.

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    I got my new nike shoes and all I need is a armband so I don’t have to keep holding my phone/music player. But till then I shall run without it. Anime expo is near and I ain’t ready for it…summer is the time to werk it out. I wanna prove that I don’t need no gym membership to work out, our body is the gym. Just gotta move it more than we need to. Of course eating habits gotta change too…sigh. Boba, we must part for now…until I lose some…

  6. I’m always thinking about this song.

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  7. I’m back!!

    So I believe its been like a year since I’ve been on here. >_< 

    I’ve done a lot over this Summer especially in Japan! :D

    Now that was the best summer for me! ^_^ 

    I got to see my dad and my grandparents and went to Harajuku with my Marywan!

    I’m sad its all over and school started but it’s time to get back to the real world and set a new goal.

    So the post I made last time talked about, but sadly it didn’t turn out right. T_____T 

    Instead of losing I gained back whatever weight I lost in high school. 

    Now I think I wanna restart this work out thing.

    Gotta do something.

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  8. amatsukii:


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  9. definitely want the dog instead.

    definitely want the dog instead.

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  10. martmonis:

    Halloween Junky Orchestra - Halloween Party

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